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Quatro Chess

What is Quatro chess?

Quatro chess set and board

This combination is the ultimate game for fun in the classroom or at home. The moves in the quatro chess game is exactly like that of ordinary chess, but challenges the player's tactical ability to the limit because one player has three opponents! The game can also be used as a team event – where two players team up against two other players. In the classroom and "educational" situation, one strong player can face a "team" of three weaker players.

The Quatro board is printed on a 70x70 cm vinyl background and is a combination of two full chess boards, the rows arranged so that each player can place the l"halfl" set just outside the board (outer two rows) – the "inside" is a normal 64x64 blocks playing field. The Quatro game is an exciting educational aid to help beginner players to view the whole board, to be aware of tactical threats on all sides. Quatro was also designed to make chess more sociable. The addition of a four player DGT Timer will attribute yet another dimension to this game. Some variations:

  1. The Quatro can be played by four different players - each player being the opponent of the other.
  2. Two players can team up against the other two.
  3. Four different coloured l"half setsl" can be used or as in the case of team play, two a side, two sets of black & ivory (or two of the same colour coloured sets) can be used - one team plays with one colour and the other with another colour. The two team members sit across one another.
  4. In the case of two teams against two other teams (i.e. 8 players in total) two quatro boards and four sets of black and ivory can be used.

The quatro set with a DGT clock for four players

Quatro chess set and board with bag and clock

Vinyl quatro board, in black and white squares with plastic moulded Staunton style pieces in four different colours complete with a denim Quatro long denim carry bag (including four colours of half set of pieces, the board and carry bag to take it all plus a printed set of rules for the Quatro Game)

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