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Demonstration boards

Metal board with black blocks

Metal demonstration board

The metal board is 75x75cm, with a sturdy aluminium frame with hook on top. This light weight board is suitable for classrooms and can be viewed by up to 50 learners. Round or the square magnetic pieces are supplied with this board. The black squares are screen printed on a white background and algebraic notation on the sides.

Metal board with coloured blocks

Metal demonstration board with pieces

The metal board is 75x75cm, outlined by a very strong aluminium frame with a hook to hang on a nail or similar place. Being light the demonstration board can also stand on a table supported by a chair at the back, or even be placed on the chalk holder/ledge in front of a school room chalk board. A full set of magnetic pieces (square or round) will be supplied with this board. The colourful chess blocks with algebraic notation are printed on a durable vinyl surface which will not fade for a decade.