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Chess Tactics, Skaak Taktiek Volume 3

Available in English and Afrikaans
Chess Tactics Skaak Taktiek Volume 3

This books helps the student to calculate combinations that involve thinking of more than two moves, The challenge for fresh beginners is usually to anticipate the move of the opponent. After mastering that hurdle the player needs to see and plan not only his own move(s), but also the possible counter moves of the opponent. To "see" (think ahead and anticipate) is a skill that can be mastered by the correct practice and exercises - exactly what this Vol 3 is about.

  • The Back Rank Mate
  • The Lawnmower Mate
  • The Queen
  • The Rook and Bishop
  • The Rook and Knight
  • The Bishop Pair
  • Smothered Mate
  • The Bishop and Knight
  • Two Knights
  • The King in the Middle