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Chess Tactics, Skaak Taktiek Volume 2

Available in English and Afrikaans
Chess Tactics Skaak Taktiek Volume 2

Tactics workbooks are aimed at the chess beginner who mastered the basic move rules and notation and now needs to proceed further to discover how to actually win a game. Each book has various themes with suitable diagrams, starting with the basic mating patterns, then becoming incrementally more difficult. Each chapter starts with a short text introduction explaining the "theory", starting with relatively simple examples and then gradually presents the learner with more complicated positions on the same theme in order to train the learner to think in a structured way. This method aims to familiarise the learner with the more complex nature of chess play, encourages clear thinking and a gradual mastering of the process of analysing chess moves. To cope successfully it is recommended that learners start with Vol. 1, (even if it seems "easy") to cement fundamentally sound (chess) knowledge and chess thinking.

  • Mate in Two
  • More Tactical Mechanisms
  • Annihilation of the Defender
  • Distraction
  • Decoy
  • Interference
  • Opening a Line
  • Clearance
  • X-Ray Motif
  • Zugzwang
  • Stalemate
  • Perpetual Check